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New Lawn Watering Instructions

    New lawns need to be kept moist as much as possible. This requires watering everyday that there is not significant rain. Lawn sprinklers are the recommended method for applying water to all lawn areas. Watering by hand is not recommended unless dealing with a very small area.

* Setup a sprinkler to cover the new lawn areas as best as possible and water each area for approximately 15 – 20 minutes every day that lacks significant rain. Watering longer than this will not benefit your young grass since it does not yet have enough root structure to absorb the water anyway. Watering can be skipped when weather conditions have not caused the soil to dry out (cool weather, cloudy or foggy days) – remember soil should be kept moist (not saturated), as much as possible. This watering schedule should be followed for approximately two months when an adjustment to watering an established lawn is necessary.

Watering an established lawn should never be done with a hand sprinkler. Established lawns need to be watered deeply and less frequently. This allows the roots to grow deep and helps the grass survive droughts. A sprinkler should always be used.

* Water established lawns once a week with about 1 – 1.5 inches (you can check this by placing a coffee can or similar straight walled item on your lawn) of water in all areas if natural rainfall has not provided this already. During extreme heat conditions (95° F or more) it may be necessary to water twice a week if not enough rain has fallen. Shade and proper topsoil will lessen your watering needs. Never water after 10 a.m. or before 6 p.m. About 4 a.m. mornings is ideal if you have automatic sprinklers. Sprinkler systems should not be used before May 1 st and not after October 1 st (normally watering during early May and late September is also not necessary) unless installing a new lawn.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 973-208-1177.

New and Transplanted Plants Watering Instructions

 New Plants need to be kept moist as much as possible. This requires checking the plants root ball everyday that significant rain has not fallen. Dry plants should be watered by hand using a garden hose without a nozzle and the faucet turned on only ¼ to ½ turn. It is important to water the root ball and not the leaves of a plant. If done this way, it does not matter what time of day the watering is done. If time constraints do not allow hand watering, installing a soaker hose is recommended. This can be controlled by using a timer to have automatic watering. Using a sprinkler is not preferred to these other methods. If a sprinkler is used, it should only be used between 8 p.m. and 10 a.m. with 4 a.m. being ideal.

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