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Landscape Services

When you feel you need to see direction in your landscape ideas we can provide a custom landscape design for your property. 

This plan can be implemented at one time or in phases to accommodate your budget or other issues that may require an installation to be completed, months or years later. Our designs are always conscious of the environment they exist in and around. Proper landscape designs are about creating spaces in your yard for you to enjoy.

A landscape design begins with your outdoor needs such as pools, patios, children’s play areas, water gardens or Koi ponds, driveway parking needs and privacy concerns, to name a few. Once these features have been placed, careful consideration is taken to place the appropriate plants to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor living spaces. Ensuring your landscape will transition from wooded areas to landscaped areas is always considered as well as the need for more formal gardens in some applications, such as in the front of your house. Deer and the damage they can cause to your plants is another major consideration when choosing plants for your landscape


Whether you are looking for full service mulch installation or a delivery for your Do-It-Yourself project, we can supply your mulch needs.

We specialize in large to very large as well as difficult access mulch applications. With our state of the art equipment, we can provide substantial savings over traditional application methods. Our prices for delivery or installation are very competitive. We also discount large applications or deliveries even further.

We carry hardwood, cedar, colored, bark and playground mulches. Any other type of mulch, wood chips and bark nuggets can be ordered in bags or bulk in large quantities. We also can deliver and/or install rubber playground mulch, available in several different styles and colors. To compliment our mulching services, we also perform weeding and edging of shrub beds and carry screened dark topsoil.

Contact us today for a quote on your mulch needs.


Interlocking paving stones are our specialty. We are a proud member of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI), the organization that sets the standards for paver manufacture and installation

All work is done under the supervision of Tom Kattner, the owner, who is ICPI certified. We obsess with giving you the highest quality service, longest lasting installation you can get.

Concrete pavers are the ideal choice for driveways, walkways, patios and pool decks. When installed properly, concrete pavers will easily outlast asphalt and poured concrete and will naturally look much better.

When compared cost wise, pavers are actually cheaper than asphalt or poured concrete over the long term due to their longevity. Styles range from contemporary shapes to rustic styles, which can look much like cobblestones. If you would rather have bluestone, clay brick, other natural stone products, we can also install these to the same high standards as our concrete pavers.

Retaining Walls

Are you looking for more usable space in your yard?

Segmental retaining walls (keystone type walls) are another of our specialties. We can build retaining walls to create the space that you need to obtain from your sloped yard. 

Concrete segmental retaining walls will last at least four times the life of railroad tie walls when installed properly.

We strive to give you the highest quality installation possible to insure your investment will last a lifetime. All work is done under the supervision of the owner Tom Kattner, who is certified by the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA), the organization that sets the standards for segmental retaining wall manufacture and installation. Large walls built using these interlocking segmental retaining wall systems are the most cost effective option available in today’s market.

There are many styles from contemporary to antique to give you the natural stone look with the benefit of an engineered wall. We can also build natural stone walls, as well as railroad tie walls to fit any pre-existing landscape features you may have


Whether you have a large commercial property or a residential property, we can provide all your maintenance needs.

These include:

Lawn Mowing

Spring and Fall Clean-ups

Shrub Trimming

Small Tree Pruning





Deadheading Perennials & Grasses

Deer Fence Installation

Commercial Snow Removal

We provide proven reliable, full service 24-hour corporate, commercial and industrial snow removal for your small to large company, retail location or institution. Additional services include salting / sanding and machine loader services. Contact us for a quote on your commercial snow removal needs.


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